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Our knife cutting machines are designed to maximise material yield with little wastage. They can produce large gaskets in one homogeneous piece and have the ability to cut at high speed, which makes it ideal for high volume production. With a cutting table of 3.1m x 2m this enables us to produce large gasket billets in one homogeneous piece, reducing our lead times and tooling costs as all tooling is kept on site.

Our knife cutting machines both have 2-dimensional knife, milling and routing capabilities, able to cut materials up to 120mm thick using a range of pneumatic, oscillating and electrical knife cutting. Our 4-tool changing ability on our larger knife cutter also lets us mill, router and angle cut all within the touch of a button. We can also kiss cut on these machines for small- or large-scale production runs.

These two machines also use cut to print registration using a 2-camera seeker system – in essence – we set the material down on the table and the machine finds the material itself while producing the best yield from the material. These machines cut using our customers CAD drawings, which gives reassurance that we are cutting to your exacting specification with a high accuracy cutting finish. We have a large cutting area on these machines of up to 2m x 3.1m long – there really is no job to big or too small for these machines!

We can produce a variety of products on our knife cutting machines including but not limited to – gaskets, strips, washers, seals, protective foam packaging and medical device components.

We hold a variety of Rubber, plastic, foams, silicone, Viton, non-metallic materials in stock – all of which can be cut on these machines along with customer free issue materials, one off materials that a customer may wish us to source, or any variety of the above.

All our Knife cut products are manufactured in accordance with our quality standard ISO 9001:2015 along with specific manufacturing instructions for each part detailing specific machine, specific tooling, packaging instructions, sample parts, sample checking and test reports if required.

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