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Seals are used to prevent unwanted leaks around pumps, pipes, valves, doors and usually need to be compressed between two other components to work. Most industries will use seals in some shape or form which is why we can supply in various materials, thicknesses and sizes.

The most common seals that we supply are circular with a hole in the centre seals, but they can also be more complex shapes. Various other seals we currently make are door seals, packing seal and mechanical seals. Due to the vast array of seals that are available – we make all of our seals bespoke to our customer requirements. All of our specialised manual and automatic CNC machines are capable of producing high quality seals in a range of materials, thicknesses, sizes and whether its for one seal or fifty Thousand seals – we have the capability and capacity to meet our customers needs.

Our process for producing bespoke seals is easy – using customers dimensions or CAD drawing we can have your part ready to go on our machine in a few minutes and  If you don’t have a technical drawing then we can simply design the gasket for you using your dimensions or sizing up the part it needs to fit.

As seals are used for a range of different uses, there is no standard material for seals – it is all specific to the final use of the seal. The main types of material we produce seals from are – Neoprene, Epdm, Silicone, Nitrile, cork, Natural rubber, foam, Wras approved rubber. We stock all of these as standard along with a whole range of rubber, plastic, foam and specialist materials. We can also produce using customers own free issue materials, or we can source material for our customers.

We have a range of customers who use seals in a vast range of industries from oil & gas to medical. Please get in touch today to discuss any requirements you might have. As ever, all of our products are produced to comply with ISO 9001:2015 with full traceability and quality assurance.

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